What is ACL for Tizen?

ACL (Application Compatibility Layer) allows you to run Android apps on Non-Android operating systems (Tizen OS) without any modification to the application. It’s developed by OpenMobile.

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What is ACL for Tizen?

ACL is known as Application Compatibility Layer. It allows users to run Android Apps on Non – Android operating systems without any modification in the app. ACL is working as a layer for running android apps in Tizen devices like Samsung Z1, Samsung Z2, Samsung Z3, Samsung Z4 etc. ACL (Application Compatibility Layer). It is supporting Samsung Z1 in India since launch in January 2015. Till Now, More than 800,000 users are using ACL.

How does ACL work?

  • In ACL, a virtual machine runs during launching of an ACL-enabled Android app just like android application which is running on Android Platform.
  • Android interface libraries, Android Framework and Public API are attached to the native host operating system.
  • Application calls to Android libraries are mapped to the linked libraries and starts execution transparently and properly.
How does ACL work?

List of Tizen TPK Downloading Websites:

We provided list of 2 websites which brings with All Tizen TPK for first time on internet .

  1. WorldTechnique.in – Visit Now
  2. GoogleUpload.com – Visit Now

How To Download ACL for Tizen TPK?

Here we provide all the procedure and methods for downloading Tizen TPK.

  1. Visit above website and Search “ACL for Tizen” in the search box.
  2. Choose ACL for Tizen according to you device for Ex. ” Acl for Tizen for Samsung Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4″ etc.
  3. After that you got two buttons on next page called “Link 1″ and Link 2”
  4. Choose Link 1
  5. After clicking on Link 1, You’ll redirected to our website.
  6. Then you got a button called “Download Link 1” and click on it.
  7. After clicking on it now you get a button named as “Free Download” and Click on it.
  8. Keep in mind if any new tab opens after clicking on free download in your browser close it.
  9. Then A timer will start and you got a button called “Create Download Link” then click on it.
  10. Now you downloading started of tpk file. Again keep in mind if any new tab will open then close it instantly.

Why You need ACL for Tizen?

  • With the help of ACL, you’ll able to run android application which is inbuilt with ACL for Tizen.
  • Android CTS tests run to analyze ACL’s performance on a non-Android devices
  • ACL-powered device performed equal to the native Android devices, with the small exception of unsupported hardware – less than 1% difference from the native Android platform’s compatibility with Android

Download Links for Samsung Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4:

How to Install ACL for Tizen TPK in Samsung Tizen Devices?

Now we are aware that Tizen Store is shutting down and users are facing difficulties in installation. Here we provides all resources and procedures for installing a Tizen TPK.

  • First Step, You have to download TPK file externally from this website named as Googleupload.com
  • We have already discussed about the downloading procedure in this article.
  • Once you downloaded TPK file then open your file manager and search that file.
  • After that click on it and tap on install button.
  • That’s it.
  • Now you are able to install ACL enabled TPK also you got all the TPK on Worldtechnique.in
  • If you are getting any issue then please comment it below.
  • For All the Upcoming updates please like WorldTechnique Facebook Page: Click Here

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