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Understating email marketing in a few easy steps
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28 June 2022
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What kinds of email marketing strategies should you implement in 2021?

As trends and techniques come and go and technology becomes even more all-encompassing, the ways we reach out and connect with leads and customers change. Even the basic email isn’t what it once was. Now it’s all about using emojis and attention-grabbing headline copy. The email itself has to be well-designed with snappy verbiage and great linkage. you will learn the basics of sending emails. how to capture their emails with landing pages and option pages.

If you’re only sending static emails to your leads and customers, your company is missing out on conversions. It can be a bummer to send an email to a large group of leads to only hear back from maybe half of them. It happens every day to marketers, and it’s not always their fault. Emails get accidentally sent to the spam filter, people change their email addresses, and hey, us marketers sometimes misspell someone’s email address. And yes, sometimes people did see your email and are flat-out not interested.

The only way to sort matters out is with a follow-up email. It can be scary to send an email after not hearing back, but it’s important to do so. To prepare for the likelihood of getting no response, write several email scripts. These should include the initial email, a follow-up, and even a second follow-up.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners in email marketing

What you'll learn

  • you will learn how to create emails
  • you will learn list building
  • you will learn how to create optin pages
  • you will learn Sending+Strategies+-+subject+lines

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