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19 May 2022
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Hello, and welcome to my Udemy course on Mindfulness Yoga in the Classroom. Participants of this course will learn the benefits of yoga, learn about yoga poses, and learn how to implement yoga with children in the classroom, therapy session, and/or in the home environment. This Udemy course contains lectures, resources, and various research articles to support the topic. There is additional content on yoga poses, yoga games, and yoga stories to implement with children and keep them engaged in yoga. There is also a 14-week yoga schedule introduced throughout this class that can be implemented with children in any setting, but it is specifically designed for the school-based setting. These materials are available to download to help enhance the participants learning experience. At the end of the presentation, there is a short quiz to assess knowledge gained as a result of this course. It may take at least an hour to get through the entire course, as well as review the attached resources. The development of this course is based on research, clinical experiences, and evidence-based practices. There are several APA citations at the end of this presentation to reference as needed. Enjoy the course! Please message the instructor to facilitate additional conversations about the topic or to ask questions. Thank you for your interest in this course and happy learning.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is specifically targeted towards teachers and how to implement yoga into the classroom. Although, it can be beneficial for anyone wanting to broaden their knowledge on children yoga, mental health, and mindfulness.

What you'll learn

  • Understand the benefits of utilizing yoga and mindfulness techniques in the classroom.
  • Learn ways to implement yoga in the classrooms.
  • Learn how mental health can affect some children in schools and how to be there for them as a support.
  • Provide access to yoga techniques and routines to use in the school-based setting.

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