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Scratch Programming
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29 June 2022
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In this course we are going to learn about Scratch Programming from Scratch. Scratch is a beautiful tool to get one started with programming without any prior knowledge. It’s kid’s friendly, has a simple drag and drop interface & yet let’s you design some really complex & cool games.

In this crash course we will be learning basics of Scratch Programming. We will start from learning about Sprites. Sprites are characters or objects that a user can interact with. Sprites can also interact with each other, which is great when making an animation as opposed to a game. Then we will move towards Motion. Motion is a concept in Scratch that allows for sprites to come alive. If you are making a game that allows for the player to control a character or a tool like a paddle, you will be using motion blocks heavily.

Then we will be moving to Control Block. Control is a key concept in all Scratch projects. Under control, you find unique code blocks that will tell your sprites how to move, for how long, and what they need to do after their task is complete.

We will be exploring many Scratch concepts such as event listeners, sprites, and variables which you will easily pick up after completing this course. These concepts, together with Scratch, will help your child develop transferable higher order thinking skills that will put them above your average outside-the-box thinker.

Who this course is for:

  • School going students keen to learn about programming.
  • Developers curious about scratch programming.

What you'll learn

  • Create exciting games & projects in Scratch
  • Identify different code blocks in Scratch
  • Work on sprites, motion, control & event listeners
  • Develop problem solving skills

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