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Practical steps to increase your followers, build your community, and starting a career on Twitch
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19 May 2022
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Twitch Affiliate status is an essential step for gamers and content creators who are interested in turning their hobby into a profession.  Not only does it allow you to monetize your stream, but it increases options and opportunities for a streamer looking to increase their following and create a community.  In this course, we draw from the 30,000 members of the Noname Nerd community of gamers, streamers, and content creators to provide essential tips and tricks not only for gaining affiliate status but also for creating and maintaining an online community that will drive you to future success.  This course is unique in that it is not the experience of one or two people, but the collective knowledge of thousands of successful streamers who have reached affiliate status on Twitch.

What is included in this course?

  • The rule of 3 and why streaming too much can hurt your chances of becoming an affiliate.
  • What equipment is necessary and not necessary to stream.
  • How to create and maintain a healthy online community.
  • How to use social media without breaking Twitch’s Terms of Service.
  • How to maintain your mental health when confronting challenges.
  • And much, much more!

Extra features include:

  • Written notes and links with all lectures.
  • Community rules and guidelines that you can use with your own community.
  • A free ebook on becoming an influencer!
  • A free ebook on growing your online tribe!

Who this course is for:

  • Gamers and digital content creators who are interested in getting started with streaming on Twitch and becoming Twitch affiliates.

What you'll learn

  • What it means to be a streamer and how to evaluate your personal goals
  • How to rapidly obtain partner status on Twitch and earn money streaming
  • Different strategies to stream successfully
  • How to develop a personal brand that people will want to watch
  • How to streaming can help make the world a better place through charity work
  • How to maintain mental health and manage conflict
  • What types of gear are necessary and useful for your stream
  • How to successfully develop an online community

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