Heal your broken heart with EFT-[100% Off Course Coupon]

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Heal your broken heart with EFT-[Udemy 100% off Free Course Coupon]- Freenger.com Paid Course for Free, 100% Free Daily Course Coupons
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EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
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8 March 2022
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Heal your broken heart with EFT-[Udemy 100% off Free Course Coupon]- Freenger.com Paid Course for Free, 100% Free Daily Course Coupons

If you have had a relationship breakdown, Ended or a divorce this experience will teach you how to let go the trapped emotions that feel like physical pain we call heartache

To do this I will be teaching you a technique called EFT Emotional Freedom Technique, now this technique can look funny or even stupid to some people but it does work and I have been using it one to one with clients for many years with great success.

So what I am doing here in the experience now I call it experience as it is not exactly a course even though I do teach you the basics of EFT, what I aim to do is give a experience similar to having a one to one EFT session here with me in my therapy room.

And as there is no need to travel no need to make an appointment and even no need for more sessions as you will have all the tools to do as much work on yourself in this self-help experience again and again.

Here is the break down of what you will be learning and experiencing.

1. Welcome to Healing Your Broken heart with EFT

2. What is EFT and the tapping points location

Here in this section you will learn where the EFT tapping points are located on the body and some information about EFT

3. EFT Breathing Exercise

This will be your first experience of using EFT that will give you direct feedback trough your body to prove we are doing a mind body technique

4. More about EFT

Here I explain some more details of what we are doing in EFT such as what we are saying and why

5. Letting go Heartache with EFT

This is your EFT session for letting go heart ache with EFT and here I will be guiding you all the way just as if I was there with you in a real one to one therapy session

6. EFT for being Lied to or Cheated on

in this video I will be guiding you through an EFT session for being cheated on or lied to which can sometimes be the same thing

7. Advanced EFT

Here I will teach you a more advanced tapping sequence of EFT for when you get stuck and cannot seem to make any progress releasing those trapped emotions for heartache or being cheated on and being lied to

8. Letting go the past Hypnosis Session

Now that you have done so much work on releasing trapped negative emotions of heartache it’s time to let go memories of the past and focus on positive memories that inspire you with this hypnosis session I have created for you.

Resources Downloadable

  1. Emotional First Aid on Tap.pdf (711.9 kB)
  2. Letting Go of Your past Hypnosis Clear Bad Memories mp3 (43.4 MB)

Who this course is for:

  • If you have had a relationship breakdown or divorce this is for you as it will help reduce the emotional pain you are feeling
  • If you are interested in EFT Emotional Freedom Technique and new approaches in how it can be used to help reduce emotional pain

What you'll learn

  • Learn the basics of using EFT to make positive changes in your life
  • How you can release negative emotions and the emotional pain of heartache
  • Undo the feelings attached to being lied to and cheated on

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