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Learn Method Acting, Characterisation & Monologue Mastery-[Udemy 100% OFF Free Course Coupon]- Freenger.com Udemy Paid Course for Free, 100% Free Daily Course Coupon updates on Freenger.com
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Learn Method Acting, Characterisation & Monologue Mastery-[Udemy 100% OFF Free Course Coupon]- Freenger.com Udemy Paid Course for Free, 100% Free Daily Course Coupon updates on Freenger.com

“By the strength of her personality and her ability to foretell the future, Joan convinced the King of France to grant her an armed force. In return, she led her small band of followers to take on and defeat the might of the English. Her conviction ensured her a place at the forefront of France’s military history.”

“A study found that Every Year 63% of Actresses and 48% of Actors struggle with anxiety

59% of women performers and 61% of men performers suffer from stress, while 37% of women and 36% of men say they have had depression. 99% will quit before they break into the Entertainment Industry. Could You Be Next?”

If you are or want to be involved in the Entertainment Industry as a performer, you simply can’t ignore these stats anymore.

The good news is that you don’t have to be part of those statistics even if you want to dive into this profession “soul first”.

Read on to find out why this course is the best thing you can do for your career in acting and avoid disappointment further along the way …

Dear Star,

The Acting Profession: No one wants to think about it, but it truly is the elephant in the room.

And that elephant will only get bigger and harder to ignore as so many people who are passionate about acting have no access to high training and coaching to be instructed in Mastery of the Craft and support and clear direction to achieve success in this field.

Right now, the statistics are startling. Every year, 99% of Actors quit due to discouragement and depression in the UK alone. Of course, it’s obvious why only 1% make it into the Industry.

Over 60% Of Actresses and 40% of Actors suffer from anxiety, which doesn’t even count the people who do not report it.

If you are passionate and serious about your Acting Career, then you’ve probably thought about this before. You probably realise that you’re a statistic waiting to happen.

You’ve probably realised what a nightmare it would be being passionate about a profession but not having the means or contacts to access and learn the job you love 100% masterfully. The lack of confidence and lack of clarity comes inbuilt with the profession. The feeling of inadequacy at times. The challenge that it is working on complex new roles. When one feels seriously intimidated by other actors who seem to know exactly what they are doing and the devastating effects that all these can have on you.

And it probably scares you out of your mind. I know the feeling.

If so, you’re NOT alone.

And you’re not over-reacting. This is a genuine and severe problem, especially for Actors, even though it has never been addressed.

Worse yet, even people who try to keep up to date with coaching by joining amateur theatre community groups aren’t safe. And those who take University degrees in Performing Arts and Acting may actually be doing more harm than good because mainstream courses are designed for the masses; they are impersonal and generalised.

You are a unique individual; you are not the masses. This is why you will find that all my courses are designed to help you as an amazing, powerful human being. I want you to see your power. You certainly don’t want to find yourself in a place where you feel desperately powerless because you feel ashamed of not reaching your absolute best in every performance. And not knowing how to control the outcome you want.

But the worse consequence of not learning to master the craft is that you will produce stale, forced and “fake” performances that might be entertaining at best but will never reach your audience’s heart and will not make an impact. Making it all meaningless. All art forms need to have meaning. That’s what makes them art.

I’m speaking from personal experience. I nearly quit, without even realising that I was giving up my dreams, even after doing a BA in Acting at University.

It’s overwhelming when it happens. You really feel like there is nothing you can do when you don’t know what you are doing wrong. And it’s frightening when you feel unfulfilled and unsatisfied with your work. Some actors feel desperate, and they begin to shy away and quit slowly, inwardly, so they start to come across as very insecure at auditions.

The point is, allowing this vicious circle in your career can actually turn your life upside down. It took me four years, right out of University, to recover.

I think it takes most people a lot longer – maybe even forever until they quit. And the road to recovery is never easy because there is almost no guidance, direction, and support available for Actors.

You don’t want this to happen to you. And the good news is that…

Now You Too Can Protect Yourself From not Becoming Insecure about your Acting Career and Quitting before breaking into the Industry.


That’s right, you no longer have to lie awake at night, worrying about how to nail the next role you want to go for.

Because when you know these Acting foundation secrets, the exact methods and techniques for consistently confident about your acting, mastering the craft and avoiding feeling disempowered, out of control or lost in performance, you’ll finally have peace of mind.

That’s because you know exactly what you are doing every time you approach a new role or go to an audition. You know how to dazzle with your performance while having great fun doing what your heart desires.

Introducing: Learn Method Acting, Characterisation and Monologue Mastery with Joan of Arc)

The #1 way to prevent unauthentic acting. You are on your way to achieving mastery.

This course has helped over 3000 people solve acting anxiety, prevent them from seriously doubting their skills and abilities, from becoming depressed and eventually quitting their dream career. The skills that you will learn will provide you with clarity on the path to your career success.

Just look at what they’re saying about Learning Method Acting, Characterisation and Monologue Mastery:

Rachel Williams

First of all, these courses are powered by an amazing lady. Sylvia really cares about her message, projects and her students. I have been so impressed by the support and positivity of both my son and myself.

I first came across the Monologue Mastery courses when my son applied for one of the films Sylvia was producing. Her input has really inspired him. He followed all her guidance and created a selection of monologues so he could show a variety of aspects of his acting ability to create different characters. He has embraced her warm-up techniques and is much more confident in the whole audition process. We have many conversations based on Sylvia’s things, and I genuinely feel that this information has helped him fine-tune his film and Theatre goals.


I was lucky enough to become part of her Monologue Mastery Acting Course.

I would like to say how much I really believe Sylvia cares about her students. Every email we wrote and the questions we had were answered straight away. She has really supported me towards my goals, and her wise words have helped clarify my goals.

As a young actor, I am always excited to go to auditions. Being part of the Monologue Mastery Acting Course has improved my preparation 100%. Sylvia encouraged me to build up a selection of monologues rather than just having one that I used repeatedly. This has improved how I feel when I get to an audition.

Daniella Raphael

The course is going great! I’m really enjoying studying The monologue, and I was fascinated by your journey in this Industry.

I found it very interesting learning about the archetypes and how every character and person fit into mainly one of them. This has really helped me connect with characters from my own monologues, and I will definitely use this in the future.

I really appreciate the Actors Inspirational Journal. I loved the layout of all the pages with the inspirational quotes and pictures, my favourite being: “Without wonder and insight, acting is just a business. With it, it becomes creation.” By Bete Davis. I look forward to experimenting with this journal. Many Thanks.

Listen, if people like Isaac can go from feeling insecure to feeling 100% in control with their acting career with newly gained clarity and direction, just imagine how well this course will work for you.

Imagine what it will feel like to finally know you are one of those Intimidating Actors who knows precisely what they are doing with any new role they choose. And just think of how good you’ll feel when you know the ins and outs of how to achieve “great acting” on Demand no matter what the challenge is.

Start enjoying:

  1. Being true to this art form.
  2. Becoming fulfilled in your acting career.
  3. Achieving meaningful performances that reach the audience’s hearts.
  4. Discovering your confidence superpower.
  5. Becoming an empowered Actor who is ever so proud of the great work they produce again and again.

All you have to do is enrol in Learn Method Acting, Characterisation and Monologue Mastery.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside:

• You’ll find out what Mastering The Craft is all about is and how you can avoid learning acting the wrong way, which is then very difficult if not impossible to unlearn.

• How my little-known Archetypes for Actors Secret can help you always get an in-Depth feel, sense and irrefutable knowledge of who your character is and how to portray them truthfully every time you’ll be amazed!

• The #1 crucial secret every Actor ought to know about being In-The-Moment, and in-character from the very second they walk into their Scene.

• Which of these 3 Acting techniques and tools: Prepping Warm-up, Mind mastery and Improvisation, are you overlooking? Find out in module #7

• Why do some Actors almost always nail their characterisation? You’ll discover their secrets so that you can feel 100% confident about your work too!

• You’ll discover a drop-dead-easy way to be and feel like your character feels on set, to be them in essence, you’ll wish you had known about this years ago!

• Find out why so many people quit this profession discouraged and how you can make sure it never happens to you!

• The “can’t fail” way to get your monologue right, delivering it powerfully and anew each time, no matter how many times you do it. Learn this once, and you’ll be blown away by the results!

• The absolute best way to do meaningful character research for a monologue when you have very little or no background information at all.

• The 3 secrets of becoming a strong and transformative Actor beyond versatility, virtually to guarantee your success!

And so much more.

Simply put, if you want to finally Master the Acting Craft, Gain Confidence about your Future as an Actress and start off with clear direction on your path to success. You need to Learn Method Acting, Characterisation and Monologue Mastery.

But don’t take my word for it. Just look at what others are saying:

Kathryn Raphael

Sylvia Love Johnson is a force of nature with her passion and ability to break down acting techniques. I have appreciated her commitment and her ability to inspire, challenge and support young talent. My daughter has greatly benefited from the coaching sessions and precious advice.

Margaret Leitch

I would recommend Sylvia very, very highly as an acting career coach. Her coaching and mentoring of my son Ross,13, has been top drawer. Sylvia is so clever and talented and has an immense wealth of knowledge and experience to share. Her gentle, cheerful and bubbly personality is just perfect for drawing a young, occasionally awkward person like Ross out of himself and help him believe anything is possible.

Sylvia nurtures the relationship with Ross and myself to be the best supportive unit that we can be, and we both love her to bits.

Faiz Francis Ouma

Now, if there’s something beautiful that has happened to my career Sylvia Love Johnson is one. The day I got to join her class and be taught. I learnt so much that I don’t think I would have learnt anywhere else. My best part was the Archetypes. This deepens my character relationship with me. It gets me really close to them. This is something any actor would want. I am so grateful for this opportunity and glad to have met you.

I would recommend any actor out there to pass through here. Trust me, you will learn something. Something that you’ll run away with and will change your thinking on approaching a character. She was so patient with me as it took me a bit of struggle to get the hang of it, which encouraged me a lot. Coach, I am so grateful for being part of my acting process. I can never take this part for granted. Thank you so much, and may God add you more wisdom to keep showering on us. I can’t wait to make a film with you.

At this point, we both know that Learn Method Acting, Characterisation and Monologue Mastery is precisely what you’ve been looking for to take your passion for acting to the Next Level.

It’s precisely what you want. It’s precisely what you need.

Who this course is for:

  • Students who are after a Career in Acting.
  • Acting Students who seek to sharpen their skills.
  • Professional Actors who want to expand their knowledge, sharpen their methodology and enhance their skills.
  • Members of the public who want to learn more about Joan of Arc or would like to benefit from the theraputic benefits of Acting

What you'll learn

  • Learn Method Acting and Monologue Mastery and Characterisation with one of the most famous female historical characters we know
  • Multiple indepht Method Acting Techniques
  • The Core Methodology by Stanislavsky and a Set of Method Acting Exercises by Strasberg
  • Learn Improvisation for Character Building
  • Learn Physical theater for Character develoment
  • Master the Joan of Arc Monologue

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